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I started working with working with Wolfgang Unsöld in 2011 when I wanted to prepare for the U-18 European Rugby Championship in 2012. Due to my injury in the 2011 championships, I was not in the physical shape that I wanted to be. The transformation you see on the right hand side occurred over 30 weeks and marked the beginning of a long lasting Partnership between Wolfgang and I. 

Over the course of working with Wolfgang we have set many goals, changed many diets and went through a lot of periodization cycles. All with one thing in mind: crush goals!

Over the years I have learned a lot from Wolfgang about strength training, nutrition, discipline and hard work. Learning by doing in order to achieve the goals we set. I enjoy seeing these lessons translate into my life in general make me a higher performing individual in almost all aspects of my life. 

YPSI: Highlights


Here are some of my personal highlights from working with Wolfgang.

YPSI: Highlights

I was honored when Wolfgang put my transformation on his eBook 'Strength and Mass Holiday', where he sets out to describe one week of 10 workouts in order to maximize strength and mass gains. I have done the program and I am impressed by the results. Increased 2.5kg lean bodyweight and increased my backsquat by 10kg. 

This was one of those payoffs that comes along with hard workd and dedication. Not planned, but nice to have. While I was preparing for bobsledding and improving my running, I also worked hard in the gym in order to maximize my chances of success in my new challenge; bobsledding. That being said, I enjoyed this heavy lift tremendously as it showed me what I am capable of when I set my mind onto achieving a goal. It tought me that when working smart and hard towards a goal you achieve smaller sometimes even unexpected goals along the way, affirming your path to your bigger goal.


Here I am putting up a nice little deadlift in preparing for bobsledding Tryouts of Summer 2017. We were maximizing strength and growth as I was coming back from a small injury. This way I was strong and ready to push a sled! I always enjoy lifting at the YPSI, because it has an atmosphere like no other gym. My favorite gym by far!


I was honored when Wolfgang invited me onto his podcast to talk about some of our work together. We talked about my athletic and academic achievements and how time management relates the two.  

We also talked about how I structure my day and some tips on how to implement the necessary time management skills to achieve both athletic and employment performance.

Click here to listen to the podcast and find out more.

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