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Memorable Moments from Rugby, the YPSI and Bobsleigh

Here give some insight as to what I have achieved as an athlete and what role sports have played in my life.
Sports have always given me a challenging way to live out my competitive streak, all the while being outside, getting fresh air and living a well rounded, performance driven lifestyle.

Athletics: Highlights


I played Rugby for 8 years, of which I had the honor to play for the German Rugby National Youth Team for 3 of those years. Most notably we achieved second place in the 2012 U-18 European Championships, the best result of a German U-18 side to date.



Wolfgang Unsoeld and the Your Personal Strength Institute have been elemental in my strength training and development. Wolfgang prepared me for numerous Rugby and Bobsledding competitions. The lessons I have learned from Wolfgang on strength training and nutrition have set me up for success not only as an athlete but as a person as well!



Due to the fact that my Rugby career ended, I was looking for another sport where I could compete at a high level in order to satisfy my competitive drive! In working with Wolfgang Unsoeld, who has done strength training for the Swiss national Bobsleigh team, he suggested I give Bobsleigh a try. After doing some research on the subject in Summer of 2016, I decicded to accept the challenge of competing in Bobsleigh.

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