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"Success loves preparation"

Any goal worth achieving requires work. Hard work. Consistent work. It requires discipline to do what is necessary to progress even when you aren't motivated. It requires you to blend out all the nay sayers and drive your focus toward success. It requires all of the help you can get. It will be difficult with positive people helping you, it will be impossible if you do it alone. It requires long term vision, broken down and applied every day. It requires preparation.

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Don't just take my word for it. See what others have to say about my mindset and work ethic.

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I had the pleasure of being Frederick’s Mentor at IABG from August 2018 until March 2021.

As his Mentor I had the opportunity to guide Frederick through his journey at IABG by supporting him with any questions or concerns he may have had regarding work or personal matters. Additionally, I had the opportunity to work with Frederick on a number of projects. As a result, I’ve gotten to know Frederick quite well, both professionally and personally.


Fredericks journey at IABG is marked by an excellent quality of work, a goal oriented high performing drive and a remarkable honesty and integrity. These qualities are the main contributors to his success at IABG, where he advanced his responsibilities from creating and evaluating 6 DOF models of various effectors to leading customer oriented work packages and projects in our naval domain.


Frederick has repeatedly delivered an excellent standard of quality in his work. Often facing tight deadlines and pressure from high workloads due to the fast paced work environment of our engineering project work. Frederick has always acted decisively and deliberately to prioritize and execute his duties and to deliver the outstanding quality of his technical and managerial work in a clear, well organized and understandable fashion. His ability to make decisions under pressure and communicate these clearly to colleagues, customers and external partners is an asset that makes Frederick a valuable employee and project leader.


Frederick has demonstrated a goal oriented high performing drive, both inside and out of the workplace. As a high performing athlete Frederick has achieved national selection in two team sports: Rugby and Bobsleigh. He achieved that national selection in Bobsleigh, winning the junior German championships in 2019 and competing at the junior European and World championships all while working full time at IABG. He managed to achieve this incredible athletic performance without compromising his performance at work, through excellent time management and an unparalleled discipline and drive to follow through and reach his goals.


Frederick has demonstrated remarkable honesty and integrity. Frederick will be the first to point out and admit his own mistakes in an effort to correct these mistakes, improve his quality of work and learn from said mistakes. Additionally, he seeks out feedback and criticism to assess his own performance in order to learn and improve. Therefore, he is not only trustworthy but also someone who is not afraid to accept new challenges in previously unchartered territory with a steep learning curve where mistakes will be made.


I believe that Frederick is an asset to any high performing, fast paced, goal oriented team and his high quality work as well as his friendly good natured wit will be missed.

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